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About Sanford-based concrete company, concrete professional & subcontractor ACCG, Inc. Expertly serving commercial & residential customers in the Orlando area & central FloridaConcrete services summary, including block wall masonry,  etc. See ACCG’s 5-star customer reviews & key businsess clients.


Sanford-based concrete company ACCG, Inc. does commercial concrete and commercial construction for industrial, business and enterprise clients in Orlando and throughout our central FL service area. We proudly provide concrete for business as a top, local concrete professionals with an experienced management team and field team.

ACCG is a trustworthy and highly-rated commercial concrete professionals and industrial concrete professionals ; building and enhancing the functionality and appearance of customers’ business properties. Click here for photos of some of our commercial projects.

Moreover, we network and partner with some of the largest and most respected commercial project builders in the area; and have successfully and proudly delivered results for commercial property owners in our area. Among them are our key commercial clients, comprised of some of the region’s, country’s and world’s most famous, profitable and successful ventures!


What does commercial concrete and being a commercial professionals entail? Generally speaking, commercial concrete professionals do industrial concrete to construct or enhance business facilities — like industrial buildings, warehouses, retail stores and bars/restaurants. This commercial construction can be seen nearly everywhere in a building — including walls, floors, exterior walkway, pavement and architectural details.

Relative to residential concretecommercial concrete frequently has greater demands placed on it regarding structural performance and durability. In layman’s terms, commercial concrete is tougher. Accordingly, industrial and commercial concrete flooring and pavement usually require stronger concrete mix design and heavier and more robust reinforcement — like post-tensioned slab formation. Commercial construction professionals with a service area of Sanford, Orlando and across central Florida region.

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