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Want to showcase the front of your home rather than having it be bland upon welcoming visitors? Then a functional and stylish concrete porch complemented by sturdy and aesthetically pleasing concrete steps are what you want! Respected concrete company and concrete Professional Longwood-based ACCG, Inc. expertly serves the Orlando area and central Florida.


Usually (but not always such as with a lanai or backyard screened porch) a porch is the covered, transitional space introducing and protecting the front entryway of a home; and can be a relaxing setting to lounge and enjoy the outdoors. Relatedly, concrete steps or terraced stairways can be the most prominent feature at the entryway of many homes and public or commercial buildings; however, steps are often just relegated to purely utilitarian status without thought to their design style. Thus, elevating concrete stairs from “blah” to “ah!” makes them the dramatic focal point of any front entrance. We’re your local concrete porch Professional, porch builder and concrete steps Professional!

Concrete Porch Contractor in Orlando, FL

Welcome to ACCG, Inc., your premier destination for turning the front of your home into a stylish showcase with functional and elegant concrete porches, steps, and terraced stairways. As a respected concrete company and professional based in Longwood, ACCG, Inc. brings expert craftsmanship to the Orlando area and central Florida. Elevate your home’s curb appeal with our top-notch concrete porch and step solutions.

Functional and Stylish Concrete Porches

A concrete porch is more than just an entryway; it’s a statement piece that welcomes visitors and showcases the front of your home. Complemented by sturdy and aesthetically pleasing concrete steps, our concrete porch solutions at ACCG, Inc. are designed to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whether you seek a covered porch, a lanai, or a backyard screened porch, our skilled team of concrete professionals is here to turn your vision into reality.

Concrete Steps: From Utilitarian to Dramatic

Concrete steps or terraced stairways often serve a purely utilitarian purpose, but at ACCG, Inc., we believe they deserve to be the dramatic focal point of any front entrance. Our concrete steps are meticulously designed to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. We take pride in being your local concrete porch professional, porch builder, and concrete steps professional, ensuring that every detail is considered in creating an inviting and visually stunning entrance.

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Concrete Steps: From Utilitarian to Dramatic

Bringing the Outdoors In with Lanais

Not every concrete porch or set of steps is limited to the front yard. Enter the lanai or backyard screened porch, a feature especially popular in year-round-warm-weather environments like central Florida. A lanai serves as an architectural compromise, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Frequently opening into wider living areas of a home, lanais provide a covered and screened-in space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors year-round. Similar to covered patios or verandas, lanais offer versatility and comfort. Screened lanais keep out bugs, while paneled lanais—available in glass or plastic and easily removable—regulate temperature, making them suitable for varying weather conditions. “Under-truss” lanais, constructed beneath a home’s existing footprint with enclosure screens secured to the roof, add an extra layer of safety during severe storms.

Enhance Your Property with a Lanai

Learn more about lanais and how they can contribute to the safety, comfort, and value of your property. Home improvements and remodeling, such as the addition of a lanai, offer a transformative experience for homeowners in Longwood, Orlando, and throughout our service area in central Florida.


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Not every concrete porch or set of steps or stairs is in the front yard and leading to the front of a home, however. Related to the backyard pool screen enclosure is the lanai or backyard screened porch. Especially in year-round-warm-weather environments with an abundance of pool cages, you’ve probably either seen one or spent time in a similar iteration. Basically, a lanai is an architectural compromise that helps to bring the outdoors in.

Lanais frequently open up into wider living spaces of a home, so it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to relate them to covered patios or verandas. Their primary appeal is making it possible to enjoy the outdoors year-round. Like backyard pool screen enclosures (into which lanais often transition as the back patio closer to the house), screened lanais can keep out bugs; and paneled lanais — available in glass or plastic and which can be removed — can regulate the temperature should it be too chilly. Additionally, “under-truss” lanais are constructed beneath a home’s existing footprint, with enclosure screens secured to the roof. Plus, when severe storms are in the weather forecast, this under-truss option brings an extra measure of safety. Click here to learn more about lanais; and how home improvements and remodeling like the addition of a lanai can add safety, comfort and value to your property in Longwood, Orlando or elsewhere in our service area central Florida.

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ACCG, Inc.: Your Concrete Porch Professionals

As concrete porch professionals, ACCG, Inc. is dedicated to delivering excellence in every project. Whether you’re looking to enhance your front entrance with a stylish concrete porch, dramatic steps, or a versatile lanai, our skilled team has the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Our Commitment to You:

  1. Expert Craftsmanship: ACCG, Inc. brings years of expertise to every concrete porch, step, and lanai project, ensuring precision and quality.

  2. Stylish Designs: Elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal with our stylish concrete porch solutions, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases.

  3. Versatility: From covered porches to lanais, we offer versatile solutions to meet your specific needs and preferences.

  4. Local Service: As a locally based business, ACCG, Inc. understands the unique styles and preferences of the Orlando and central Florida communities.