Concrete Slab Foundation in Orlando, FL

Orlando-area concrete Professional ACCG, Inc., based in Longwood, expertly does concrete paving, pavement, slab foundation, footers, flatwork, pads, mat foundations and the like for happy clients across central FL; including subcontracting work for new home construction. ACCG pours concrete for new home builds.


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Cement or concrete “paving” is an example of the overlapping meanings in the concrete construction trade, for many people use the activity of “concrete paving” and the building material “pavers” interchangeably; thus, both terms are cited here. ACCG, Inc. is your localreliable paving Professional!

Accordingly, concrete pavement (sometimes called “rigid pavement”) is a base layer of concrete making direct contact with vehicle or foot traffic; and utilized and modified for various purposes and applications, as necessary.

Concrete Slab Foundation: The Bedrock of Orlando Living

In the vibrant heart of Orlando, ACCG, Inc., a premier concrete Professional based in Longwood, specializes in crafting concrete solutions that lay the foundation for happy clients across central Florida. From concrete paving to slab foundations, footers, and flatwork, ACCG, Inc. is your trusted partner in creating durable and reliable structures.

Concrete Paving and Beyond: A Multifaceted Expertise:

The term “concrete paving” often intertwines with the broader realm of “pavers.” ACCG, Inc. stands as a local and reliable paving Professional, seamlessly navigating the nuances of both concrete paving and the use of pavers. This multifaceted expertise allows us to cater to diverse needs and applications, ensuring that every project, whether for vehicle or foot traffic, meets the highest standards of quality.

Understanding Concrete Pavement:

Concrete pavement, also known as “rigid pavement,” serves as the foundational layer that directly interfaces with vehicle or foot traffic. This versatile material finds application in various contexts, offering a robust and enduring solution for driveways, walkways, and beyond. ACCG, Inc. leverages its expertise to modify and adapt concrete pavement to meet specific project requirements.

Concrete Slab Foundation: Building the Future:

Concrete footings and slab foundations play a pivotal role in the construction of new homes. As a crucial step in the early phases of building a residence, the foundation comprises poured concrete reinforced with steel rods (rebar). ACCG, Inc. ensures that regardless of the pavement or concrete foundation poured, it undergoes thorough waterproofing treatment and inspection by local permitting authorities before proceeding to subsequent construction phases such as framing.

Subcontracting Excellence for New Home Construction:

ACCG, Inc., with its base in Longwood, takes pride in its role as a trusted subcontractor for home builders in the Orlando area and central Florida region. The company is involved in pouring footers, slab foundations, driveways, sidewalks, porches, patios, interior and exterior walls, retaining walls, and more. The comprehensive services extend beyond traditional home construction, encompassing specialized projects like boat ramps, pool tile installations, and pool decks.


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Concrete footings and concrete slab foundation are key elements of new home construction. As one of the early steps of building a new house residence, a foundation is made of poured concrete that’s reinforced with steel rods (rebar). No matter the type of pavement and concrete paving foundation poured, it’ll be sprayed and treated with a waterproofing material and inspected by the local permitting authorities prior to framing, etc.

Longwood-based concrete Professional ACCG, Inc. has proudly subcontracted for home builders in the Orlando area and central Florida service area; pouring footers, slab foundations, drivewayssidewalksporchespatiosinterior and exterior wallsretaining walls, etc. to help clients’ achieve their dream home! And don’t forget that ACCG does boat ramps and pool tile and pool decks, for example, too!

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Your Dream Home, Our Expertise:

The journey to your dream home begins with a solid foundation. ACCG, Inc. is committed to transforming your vision into reality by providing top-notch concrete solutions. From estimating concrete needs through the concrete calculator to executing intricate projects, our team is dedicated to delivering excellence at every step.

In conclusion, ACCG, Inc. emerges not just as a concrete Professional but as a reliable partner, laying the groundwork for robust structures that stand the test of time in the enchanting city of Orlando and the broader central Florida area. Contact us today, and let’s build your dreams on a foundation of strength and durability.


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Orlando, FL-area concrete Professional ACCG is your locally owned and operated concrete paving and concrete slab experts! Our service area is home-base Longwood and all of central FL.

Concrete footers may also be required for a host of other projects — including pool deckspergolas complementing decorative concreteretaining walls or other types of cement and concrete construction.