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Decorative concrete, including decorative concrete overlay like faux travertine, can add style and expression to any property and feature; such as complementing a stately and functional pergola and accompanying toasty concrete fire pit, adding fantastic pop while still serving practical purposes. Cement and concrete are quite affordable, including stamped concretestained concrete, concrete dye and concrete color, delivering excellent bang for the buck in both appearance and usage. It can be designed to conform to most any figure, structure and design element — including different colors. Indeed, decorative concrete offers numerous benefits:

  • Increased longevity
  • Increases resale value of property
  • Reduced long-term care, plus easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Less labor intensive than other surface materials

What is travertine flooring? Relatedly, travertine tile and travertine flooring can make a luxurious statement, too; and, for a similar dignified look that isn’t as expensive as genuine travertine limestone, we can install the aforementioned decorative concrete layover, aka faux travertine.

What’s concrete tile? While cement tiles and ceramic tiles may appear really similar to each other, the differences in how they’re made and in their features are notable.

Cement-based concrete is an undeniably strong and durable material. While concrete-based tiles are generally used for commercial purposes to better withstand wear and tear than ceramic and hardwood varieties, concrete tiles are also endlessly customizable and stylish; thus being utilized in residences and homes over the centuries.

The less durable ceramic tiles are made with red, brown or white clay, can be either glazed or unglazed, and are fired in a coal or wood-fired kiln. Ceramic backsplash tiles are often most suited for counter tops, backsplashes, walls and mosaics. Ceramic floor tiles that are unglazed typically have a matte finish and come in either an earth red or natural brown clay tone.

Cement tiles are made from a mixture of sand, cement, color pigment and a marble powder that’s poured into metal molds, backed by a dry concrete mixture and then compressed under 2,000 pounds of pressure. They have high thermal mass, thus can be great insulators for comfort and lower energy bills. All of these benefits are combined with beauty, functionality, customization and lost-lasting durability.

Cement tiles can be used on the floors and walls in the kitchen (including as backsplash and underside of an island), living room, foyer, dining room, bathroom, laundry room and outdoor patio; doubling as works of art.

Longwood, FL-based concrete construction Professional ACCG, Inc. has proudly and expertly served Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Windermere, Clermont and other communities in central Florida since 2005; and we look forward to delivering reliable cement and concrete work to you!  Florida decorative concrete.

Decorative Concrete: Elevate Your Outdoor Space in Orlando, FL

In the vibrant landscape of Orlando, FL, where aesthetics meet functionality, decorative concrete emerges as a versatile and affordable solution for transforming outdoor spaces. Longwood-based concrete Professional ACCG, Inc. takes pride in offering expert services in decorative concrete overlay, faux travertine, stained concrete, and more, enhancing properties across central Florida.

The Artistry of Decorative Concrete:

Decorative concrete is a form of functional art that brings beauty and style to various structures, complementing both residential and commercial settings. The possibilities are expansive, ranging from faux travertine tile overlays to stained concrete surfaces, each contributing to the overall appeal of outdoor spaces.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete:

Embracing decorative concrete goes beyond mere aesthetics; it provides a range of benefits:

  1. Increased Longevity:

    • Decorative concrete enhances the durability of surfaces, ensuring they withstand the test of time and weather conditions.
  2. Property Resale Value:

    • The added aesthetic appeal and functionality contribute to an increase in the resale value of properties.
  3. Low Maintenance:

    • Decorative concrete requires minimal long-term care, offering easy cleaning and maintenance compared to other surface materials.
  4. Cost-Effective:

    • In terms of both appearance and usage, decorative concrete, including stamped and stained varieties, delivers excellent value for your investment.
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Genuine travertine tile is timeless, elegant and distinctive; but is quite expensive and requires sealing and specialized care. Recent advances, thankfully, have led to the creation of less costly porcelain pavers that near perfectly imitate real travertine pavers and tiles. Indeed, modern porcelain tiles look like and more closely feel like authentic, natural travertine.

Decorative concrete and stained concrete Professional like Longwood-based ACCG, Inc. near Orlando, utilize a host of chemicals and processes to make existing concrete resemble wood floors, brick, marble, tile, granite, slate and other popular design materials; and at a cost significantly less than the real thing. Moreover, the decorative concrete layover or faux travertine process is non-destructive, safe and environmentally friendly. Concrete can also be easily repairedwaterproofed and made slip-resistant through ongoing breakthroughs in this growing industry. Such a decorative touch complements useful and stylish features like a pergola and firepit.

What is a pergola? A popular exterior feature that benefits from complementary decorative concrete is the pergola; an relaxing outdoor garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that typically support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice — often upon which woody vines wrap around. Click here for great reasons for owning a pergola is a part your property. Pergola fire pit. (We also install swimming pool tile!)

Faux Travertine and Concrete Tile:

Faux travertine overlay is a cost-effective alternative to genuine travertine flooring. While authentic travertine exudes luxury, the expense and maintenance required make it impractical for many. The decorative concrete layover technique allows for the creation of a dignified and stylish look reminiscent of travertine at a more affordable cost.

Cement tiles, distinct from ceramic tiles, are made with a mixture of sand, cement, color pigment, and marble powder. The result is a highly durable and customizable material that has been utilized in both commercial and residential spaces for centuries. Unlike ceramic tiles, cement tiles offer a sleek finish and can be used on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors.

The Expertise of ACCG, Inc.:

ACCG, Inc., a seasoned concrete construction Professional based in Longwood, FL, has been serving communities in Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Windermere, Clermont, and beyond since 2005. The team at ACCG, Inc. is dedicated to delivering reliable and high-quality cement and concrete work, specializing in decorative concrete applications.

Enhance Your Outdoor Enjoyment:

Decorative concrete is not just about appearances; it’s about creating an environment where style meets functionality. Whether it’s a pergola-shaded walkway, a cozy fire pit area, or an elegant patio, ACCG, Inc. ensures that decorative concrete installations contribute to a space that’s not only visually appealing but also serves as an extension of your lifestyle.

Contact ACCG, Inc. for Decorative Concrete Solutions:

Ready to elevate your outdoor space with decorative concrete? Contact ACCG, Inc. for expert services in decorative concrete overlay, faux travertine, stained concrete, and more. From conceptualization to execution, ACCG, Inc. brings artistry and functionality to your outdoor spaces in Orlando and central Florida. Explore the possibilities of decorative concrete and enhance the charm of your property with ACCG, Inc.