Answers to Concrete FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete

Below are frequently asked questions about concrete that we receive here at residential concretecommercial concretemasonrydemolitionrenovationremodelingrestoration professional & subcontractor ACCG. Our Longwood-based business has served Orlando & central FL since 2005. Answers to concrete FAQs are below.


Perhaps, depending upon a person’s intent when searching. ACCG, Inc. is a concrete professional and related services provider; but NOT a concrete company if someone is looking for “concrete supplier” or “concrete delivery” and the like. Our preferred cement/concrete supplier and delivery company is Orlando-based Kennedy Concrete.

Yes, we generally only accept CEMENT AND CONCRETE POUR or concrete paver projects estimated around $3,700 or more and 400 square feet or more. Please contact us for details and potential exceptions, such as concrete cutting or concrete coring, for example, that don’t require pouring. This CONCRETE CALCULATOR can help determine whether or not a project would meet our minimums.

Yes, ACCG, Inc. guarantees *100% client satisfaction. Contact Earl or Leon for contract details and stipulations.

They vary according to the type of project (as do other materials costs, such as lumber and steel/rebar). Please contact us for details

No, our physical and main office is in Longwood, FL. Customers can visit us there, but it’s preferable to schedule meetings on-site at a project so we can provide more accurate estimates/quotes/timelines and see the lay of the land first-hand.

It depends upon the scope and location of a project, and our schedule flexibility and season. Generally, we can start within a week of the contract being signed and first payment being made.

Not yet, but we will be in the near future. Stay tuned.

Yes, we can happily provide client references; and you can read outstanding reviews here.

Yes, elsewhere here on our website!

 Yes! Click here to go to the boat launch page.