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Professional painters prepare and paint interior and exterior surfaces, such as residential or commercial properties and buildings. Job duties and tasks for interior painting or exterior painting include the following: removing old paint, priming surfaces, choosing materials, selecting and mixing colors and cleaning up job sites. Longwood-based ACCG, Inc. is a home painter and office painter, interior painter and exterior painter, too! Proudly serving Orlando area and central Florida since 2005!


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Painter | Interior Painting | Exterior Painting | Residential Painter | Commercial Painter | Professional Painter | Home Painter | Office Painter | Building Painter | Orlando & Central FL | Painting Hot Topics

Professional painters have the best tools and techniques to do the paint job with precision and pride, utilizing quality and job-appropriate paint that’s best suited a given interior painting or exterior painting project. Professional painting service, like Longwood-based ACCG, Inc. serving Orlando and all of central Florida, ensures that there are clean lines and no messy flakes, debris or chips. Below are more reasons to choose an expert residential painter and commercial painter, while using top-quality paints and brands (including Florida Paints and The Tonester, two of our corporate partners and preferred vendors and Professional):



  • Save and spend your time and energy on something you truly enjoy… or just relax and let professional painters take care of the preparations, painting and cleanup.
  • Quality work is performed by professional, experienced painter Professional that’s done more efficiently and effectively, yielding desired and longer lasting results.
  • Details aren’t ignored, for professional paint Professional know to pay attention to small details up to the bigger picture of a project.
  • Insured and well-equipped professional interior painters and exterior painters use the safety gear and adhere to safety procedures, have necessary tools and products and have the awareness and understanding to do a given job right; including listening to customer feedback.


Other examples of inside painting and outside painting:


  • DTM painting (direct-to-metal painting)
  • curb painting


Particularly large home and office painting projects and renovation projects can yield big messes. Fortunately, our preferred commercial cleaning, residential cleaning and construction site cleanup Professional, Kissimmee-based JQS Commercial Cleaning, can supplement our tidying up efforts; resulting in one less task with which our residential remodeling and commercial painting customers need to concern themselves.