Concrete Removal in Orlando, FL

Longwood, FL-based ACCG, Incexpertly does this difficult removal of concrete for residential and commercial/industrial/business/enterprise locations; as well as during and after concrete demolitionConcrete is heavy and removing it is an arduous job, including needing special set up to lift and haul it away. We have the expertise to handle such a take away concrete job!

Among the tools of the concrete trade used to demolish and remove concrete is the chipping hammer — a handheld, pneumatic, percussive hammer. It delivers blows per minute (BPM) to a chisel or tooling that’s inserted into the end of the tool. Chipping hammers are lightweight, and hand-held concrete breakers that can be easily positioned to break vertical and overhead surfaces. Via controlled chipping action, chipping hammers enable skilled operators to precisely chip away only specific areas (in other words, the scalpel approach rather than the shot-gun approach).

The same properties that make concrete desirable and durable also make it difficult to tear down to urbanite. We do concrete tear down, whatever the size and complexity of a concrete services project in Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Clermont, Doctor Phillips,  Kissimmee, Lake Mary, Lakeland, Windermere and the entire central Florida region.

Concrete Removal: Precision and Expertise in Orlando, FL

When it comes to the challenging task of concrete removal, trust Longwood, FL-based ACCG, Inc. to handle the job with expertise and precision. Our team excels in removing concrete from residential, commercial, industrial, and business locations, ensuring a seamless process during and after concrete demolition. Concrete removal is a demanding job due to the material’s weight, and our specialized set-up enables us to lift and haul away concrete efficiently.

Tools of the Trade: Chipping Hammer

Concrete removal involves the use of specialized tools, with the chipping hammer being a key player in the concrete demolition process. This handheld, pneumatic, percussive hammer delivers rapid blows per minute (BPM) to a chisel or tooling inserted into its end. The lightweight and hand-held nature of chipping hammers allows for precise positioning to break vertical and overhead surfaces. This controlled chipping action enables skilled operators to target specific areas with accuracy, taking a scalpel approach rather than a shotgun approach to concrete removal.

Challenges of Concrete Removal

Concrete is renowned for its strength and durability, but these very properties make it challenging to remove. ACCG, Inc. undertakes concrete removal tasks of varying sizes and complexities across Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Clermont, Doctor Phillips, Kissimmee, Lake Mary, Lakeland, Windermere, and the entire central Florida region. Whether it’s a concrete slab or a reinforced structure with embedded rebar, removal costs are influenced by factors such as location, size, thickness, and accessibility for machinery.

Determining the Need for Concrete Removal

While well-constructed concrete structures can last for many years, natural occurrences such as settling, movement, and climate changes can lead to cracks and failures over time. When concrete becomes unsafe or aesthetically displeasing, complete removal and cleanup become necessary. Not all cracked or damaged concrete requires removal; surface cracks can often be patched and resurfaced at a lower cost than full removal and replacement. However, deep cracks, frost heaves, sunken slabs, or signs of major settlement indicate that removal is the safest and most viable alternative.

ACCG: Your Concrete Removal Professionals

ACCG, Inc. is your go-to solution for concrete removal in Orlando. Our professionals understand the intricacies of concrete removal, providing reliable services with a focus on precision and safety. If you’re unsure whether to opt for repair or complete removal, our team can conduct a cost-benefit analysis and offer expert advice.


Best Concrete for Harsh Climates

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Concrete is a strong material used for drivewayspatiossidewalks and house foundations. There are two basic kinds: unreinforced (a concrete slab) and reinforced (has rebar embedded). Both have a range of removal costs depending upon the following factors: location and size of the area, thickness and how difficult it is to get machinery to the work site.

If well-constructed, then concrete lasts for many years. Eventually and over time, however, natural occurrences like settling, movement and climate result in concrete cracking and failing. At that point, concrete may be neither safe nor aesthetically pleasing, so complete removal and cleanup could be necessary.

Not all concrete that is cracked or in rough shape needs to be removed. If the cracks are on the surface and the structure remains functional and in otherwise good shape, then it may be patched and resurfaced; usually at a lower cost than complete removal and replacement. However, the presence of deep cracks, frost heaves, sunken slabs or signs of major settlement are big indications that removal is the best and safest alternative. If unsure which route to take, then do a cost-benefit analysis and speak to our cement and concrete professionals.

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Rely on ACCG, Inc. for expert concrete removal services. Contact us today to discuss your concrete removal needs, and let our experienced team ensure a seamless and efficient removal process. Thank you for considering us as your trusted Orlando-area concrete professionals.