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What’s home renovation or office renovation? For example, in the residential renovation of a bathroom and a bedroom, a bathroom remains a bathroom and a bedroom remains a bedroom; but the home improvement repairs and updates make the existing rooms better. Generally, such home renovating includes things like painting, new flooring installation, and switching out fixtures like cabinet knobs and faucets. Office renovating is similar. Renovation Professional also entails structural rebuildingLongwood-based ACCG, Inc. performs building renovation, too! Proudly serving Orlando area and central Florida since 2005!


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What does renovation vs remodeling entail, and are there differences between the two undertakings? Renovations restore or repair existing rooms or structures; whereas, though somewhat related, remodeling changes structures. Remodeling Professional Orlando. Renovation companies near me. Drywall repair near me. All are examples of home improvements.

Renovating ranges from subtle and solely focused on a specific element to being more substantial and wide-reaching (even overlapping with remodeling). Moreover,  commercial renovation and residential renovation alike usually involve repairing or replacing outdated or damaged or dated or worn parts of buildings; and it’s pretty typical that renovations address structures or specific elements that may fail to adhere to modern building codes or styles.

What about Return on Investment (ROI)? Renovations are often more cost-effective than new construction or completely remodeling; and renovations typically add value to building structures.

Longwood, FL-based concrete company and concrete Professional ACCG, Inc. expertly fulfills the following renovation Professional tasks for both homes and offices:

Large and complex home and office renovation projects can yield big messes. Fortunately, our preferred commercial cleaning, residential cleaning and construction site cleanup Professional, Kissimmee-based JQS Commercial Cleaning, can supplement our tidying up efforts; resulting in one less task with which our residential renovation and commercial renovation clients need to concern themselves.