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What’s home restoration or building restoration? Restoration or restoring is the process by which you return a building or structure to its original condition. Historic buildings are common and stereotypical sites for restoration projects, especially those officially declared as historically significant; though recent and modern buildings and structures undergo restoration, tooLongwood-based ACCG, Inc. is also a restoration Professional providing restoration services! Happily serving Orlando area and central Florida since 2005!  


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Home restoration or other building restoration projects, whether historic or more modern nature, typically involve tasks such as the following for a restoration Professional like Longwood-based ACCG, Inc.serving Orlando and all of central Florida:

  • Repairing holes in walls
  • Repairing old fixtures
  • Replacing old fixtures with authentic pieces or replicas of the original
  • Removing old and worn carpet
  • Refinishing wood floors or replacing floors if can’t be reasonably salvaged

From an environmental perspective, restoration usually uses fewer resources and requires less energy. Plus, restoration can be the most cost-effective option — as long as the house or building has a strong and safe foundation and mandates only minimal structural repairs. Or, in popular parlance, the building has good bones.

If the goal is to make a home or other type of building mirror or resemble the original structure, then restoring is the desirable and right route to take. Nonetheless, don’t be surprised if demolition, renovating and/or remodeling are necessary to some degree, for some elements may not be able to be fully restored.


Large and complicated home or other building restoration projects can result in big messes. Fortunately, our preferred commercial cleaning, residential cleaning and construction site cleanup Professional, Kissimmee-based JQS Commercial Cleaning, can supplement our tidying up efforts; resulting in one less task with which our residential restoration or other building restoration customers need to stress themselves.