Concrete Retaining Wall Contractors in Orlando, FL

Retaining walls prevent soil or water from advancing. Pressure on a retainer wall or seawall holds back tons of soil and water, and can thus be enormous. Thus, construction of such concrete barriers, for both safety and aethestic reasons, requires expertise Longwood, FL-based concrete company ACCG by Orlando provides.


Poured Concrete Retaining Wall | Solid Seawall

Poured concrete walls, such as retaining walls and seawalls, have a compressive and flex strength several times that of hollow concrete blocks; far surpassing the required safety mandates. Plus, such poured and solid-wall concrete barrier construction provides at least double the protection against fire relative to hollow-core concrete blocks

Moroever, poured concrete wall structures, such retainer walls, are generally considered stronger than cinder blocks. Poured retaining walls, for example, have superior lateral strength; thus resisting higher levels of pressure from water and soil. Unlike block wall masonry, poured walls don’t have joints; therefore, they’re waterproof.

For these reasons, concrete poured walls tend to be the preferred choice of new-construction builders since they can be formed in any foundation design, as well as adapted for last-minute modifications for concrete construction projects.

Poured concrete (reinforced with rebar), including seawalls and other concrete barriers, is regularly utilized in commercial settings. Longwood-based concrete Professional ACCG, Inc. expertly builds retaining walls for happy residential and commercial customers in the Orlando area and throughout the central Florida region!

Block Retaining Wall | Masonry-Style Retainer Wall

Do not overlook the aesthetic component of retaining walls. There are numerous ways to enhance this component, including materials selection that’s in concert with overall design goalsMasonry-style block retainer walls achieve a segmented, Tetris-like visual.

Concrete blocks aren’t particuarly natural-looking; however, that’s okay in a landscape design where a natural, earthy look isn’t an objective. Longwood-based concrete Professional ACCG, Inc. also does concrete block retainer walls for customers in Orlando and across central Florida!

There are concrete blocks made specifically for building retaining walls and seawalls, and utilizing these can help a project go more smoothly since they’re interlocking; with a flange on the back side of each unit designed to slip neatly into place. They’re also designed so that, while laying course after course, the structure will continue to slope backward ever so slightly. Combined with the heaviness of the blocks, these qualities result in a sturdy retainer wall — despite some of the limitations vs. poured construction method of seawalls and concrete barriers.

Indeed, many different types of materials can be used to form retaining walls; dependent upon design tastes, the function(s) of a given retainer wall, cost and other factors.


Seawall | Concrete Barrier | Retaining Wall | Retainer Wall

Even a well-constructed retaining wall would be compromised over time if a builder failed to provide a proper outlet for runoff, given that water and soil pressure would eventually grow to an unsustainable level. Such deterioration, particularly around water, could even affect structures like boat ramps.

Accordingly, one of the most basic functions of a retainer wall is to stop erosion on hillsides or other sloped areas in scenarios where growing plants to control erosion is neither desirable nor practical. But don’t underestimate the possibilities for such seawalls and concrete barrier structures: They’re not merely erosion-fighters.

Moreover, consider how you’re altering the “lay of the land” of a given property upon erecting a retaining wall: An area that’s sloping, unusable or unstable can be leveled off (behind a retainer wall) to create an outdoor living space — such as a patio — or to create new garden space, etc.  Or, for a different approach, erect a series of smaller retaining walls rather than one big structure, and then terrace the hillside. Utilize the terraces to display beautiful flower beds.

Rely on Longwood-based concrete professionals ACCG, Inc., to build poured seawalls and concrete block concrete barriers for your home or business in Orlando or central FL!

You can trust us, a locally owned and operated small (and growing!) business, to provide superior concrete services and home professional workSanford-based concrete professional and cement professional ACCG, Inc. services the following Florida counties: Seminole, Orange, Volusia, Osceola, Lake, and Polk; comprising of these and other cities and towns: Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Windermere, New Smyrna Beach, Kissimmee, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, Winter Garden, Deltona, Celebration, Clermont, Doctor Phillips, Apopka, Zellwood, Casselberry and Lakeland.

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Masonry is one of the oldest forms of construction known to mankind; referring generally to brick, tile, stone, concrete-block and the like, or combination of such materials and bonded with mortar. This is the distinction from related poured cement and poured concrete and the resulting construction, like slabs and foundations.

Concrete is one of the most widely used industrial building construction and architectural elements and, as such, concrete construction and masonry materials — including rebar — are evident in virtually all urban or downtown areas worldwide. Entire homes have even been built using itConcrete slabs and other concrete/cement construction afford many advantages:


  • Affordable and economical
  • Local availability
  • Can be shaped
  • Strong and durable
  • Fire-resistant



Plus, the combined strength and longevity of concrete paved roads, flatwork, cement paving and pavement projects offer clear Return On Investment (ROI):


  • Withstand prolonged hard use
  • Last for generations
  • Offer a smooth ride
  • Good value


Concrete steps or concrete stairs or terraced stairways are a highly prominent feature outside the entrance of countless residences, offices and public buildings, yet they’re often relegated to purely utilitarian and functional status. Thus, elevating concrete steps and concrete stairs from bland to brilliant turns them into a dramatic focal point of any entryway! 

New concrete-construction projects are really straightforward: forming a new building or structure from the ground and up. Although “new construction” is an easy term to grasp, such projects can vary greatly from one to the next; requiring working with architects, builders, construction teams and general contractors, etc. It’s generally more expensive on the front end than renovating or remodeling; though it enables the utilization of the latest technology and techniques and generally means lower maintenance costs as time passes.

Working with concrete can be especially tricky. Contact us when you’re ready to start and need a trusted, safe, efficient and effective concrete contractor with the right concrete tools in central Florida to help ensure your project goes smoothly. We’re a highly skilled concrete company in many such services, and provide elite customer service and unparalleled workmanship. And click here for answers to FAQs.

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