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Concrete Contractors
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Longwood-based concrete Professional ACCG, Inc. is also a construction subcontractor and does construction subcontracting and concrete subcontracting work — including concrete subcontractor for new home construction builders (such as pouring concrete slab foundations). Expertly serving Orlando area and central Florida since 2005! “What’s a subcontractor?” you ask.

Subcontractor is a person or entity awarded part of an existing contract by a principal or general contractor (GC). Subcontractor performs work under a contract with a GC; rather than employer or customer who hired GC. Building construction is a common example of the contractor-subcontractor relationship. GC assumes primary responsibility for ensuring that a building or other project is constructed and completed, and signs a contract to do so. GC then retains subcontractor(s) to perform specialty work — such as laying concrete, installing drywall, painting walls, etc.

Expert concrete company ACCG, Inc. performs subcontractor work across a variety of tasks and specialties, both residential and commercial/industrial, as cited elsewhere on this website. From cement and concrete construction and masonry to swimming pool tile to  to renovation to remodeling to restoration. We invite general contractors to contact us regarding your construction subcontracting work needs! Plus, read outstanding reviews left by our customers.

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