Nestled within the Audubon Park neighborhood of Orlando, the Harry P. Leu Gardens presents a serene retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. Located at 1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando, FL 32803, this 50-acre botanical oasis is home to an impressive collection of plants, including tropical palms, vibrant flowering plants, and majestic oak trees draped with Spanish moss.

The Leu Gardens invite visitors to meander through a variety of themed areas, each offering its unique charm. The Rose Garden dazzles with its array of colorful blooms, while the Butterfly Garden is a fluttering spectacle of nature’s delicate flyers amidst fragrant flowers. The Tropical Stream Garden, with its meandering streams and lush vegetation, provides a cool, shaded escape.

For those with a keen interest in horticulture, the Leu Gardens also feature an extensive collection of camellias and azaleas, showcasing some of the finest specimens in the Southeast. The gardens’ commitment to education is evident in its various workshops and guided tours, which offer insights into gardening techniques and plant conservation. Next blog post.

The Harry P. Leu Gardens are not only a haven for plant lovers but also a picturesque setting for art and culture. Throughout the year, the gardens host special events, including outdoor concerts, movie nights under the stars, and seasonal festivals that celebrate the beauty of nature in a communal setting.

One of the highlights of the Leu Gardens is the historic Leu House Museum, nestled within the garden grounds. This restored 19th-century home offers a glimpse into the lives of the families who once inhabited the estate, with guided tours that tell the story of Orlando’s development and the botanical legacy of the Leu family. Check this out.
The Harry P. Leu Gardens offer a tranquil sanctuary where nature, history, and culture intertwine. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast eager to explore the diverse plant collections, a history buff interested in the heritage of the Leu family, or simply seeking a peaceful spot to enjoy the beauty of nature, the Leu Gardens provide a unique and enchanting experience for all visitors.